Who does not want to visit the fabulous Mont Saint-Michel at least once in their life? Surrounded to one side by the waters of the English Channel and to the other by the green fields of Normandy, the Mont Saint-Michel is a hill, which used to be an island where the monks decided to build an abbey with a tall spiky tower that can be seen for miles. Surrounding the abbey arose a small village which remains until today surrounded by the fortified walls of Mont Saint-Michel.

As it is written on one of the inscriptions inside the Abbey’s church, the monks decided to build such a high building structure in that location facing the immense sea as they felt closer to God.

The city of Paris is like a junction of distinct villages all put together into one, giving Paris its diversity and appeal to visitors from all over the world. The so called “villages” are actually the districts within the city, and here we would like to list just some of them that definitely deserve a visit in your next time in Paris.

Paris by night

Les Halles – In the 1st arrondissement, right in central Paris is Les Halles, where you will be able to find the famous Louvre Museum and many other touristic hotspots. You can find here a list of hotels located near the Louvre museum.