Located in northern Germany lies the country’s second biggest city – Hamburg. Although being a relatively new city due to having been destroyed with the World Wars, it already counts with many architecturally beautiful buildings and, by 2012 it is set to have a new grand concert hall which will be one of Europe’s most recognised structures.

Hamburg port

It is true that you can find Christmas markets a bit everywhere around central and northern Europe, however the most popular have to be the German markets. Known for keeping its traditional quality and not becoming involved in selling mass production products, but only quality craftwork Christmas merchandise in the form of toys, wood carvings, candles and other products, the German Christmas Markets remain some of the best and the most popular.

Combined with the quality products is the smell of hot chestnuts, gingerbread and hot wine in the air attracting visitors to warm themselves up from the cold weather that is usually felt at this time of the year in Germany.