The Algarve, in the south of Portugal is already a well-known summer destination amongst tourists from all over Europe, however, it is not only in summer that this region is buzzing of life. Many choose the Algarve towns of Albufeira, Monte Gordo, Portimão and Vilamoura also as their favourite location to celebrate the start of a new year.
Although winter, the weather in the Algarve remains mild throughout December so celebrating New Year’s watching the fireworks at the beach with a group of friends or loved one can be a really good way of setting one's mind into the New Year resolutions.
Many people choose to rent a villa or an apartment for a few nights before and after the 1st of January and the towns of Albufeira, Monte Gordo, Portimão and Vilamoura are usually the most popular destinations so all their restaurants, shops, bars and cafés are open and filled with people just like they would be in the mid of the summer months.

What to do?

Usually you will be able to find various events throughout the two nights prior to New Year ’s Eve accounting for music artists performing in stages set up close to the beach particularly in Albufeira, Monte Gordo and Portimão. Vilamoura, being a more family-oriented destination usually holds smaller celebrations throughout town and the big fireworks are displayed on New Year’s Eve. Here many people will be coming for the exclusive New Year’s celebrations at the Vilamoura casino which is one of the best and biggest casinos in the country and its 1st of January celebrations are known to be spectacular and never to be forgotten.
For a more relaxed and popular environment you will have the option of any of the other three towns which, particularly on New Year’s day are guaranteed to dazzle you with their outstanding fire displays at the beach. Groups of people usually sit around at the beach with their guitars playing and singing songs around the fire until the moment of opening the champagne bottle. After the happiness of the moment they continue in town partying the night away in one of the local bars and clubs.
With a definite appeal for young groups of friends, the New Year’s Eve in the Algarve will certainly not disappoint its visitors.

Where to stay?
There are many options from hotels to aparthotels, villas or camping, however we would suggest you to rent a villa with a group of friends so you have the ability to stay all together under one roof, have fun with the cooking and spending some quality time together for two or three nights, while sharing all the costs to pay only a fraction of what you would pay if staying at a hotel. One of the good websites where you will be able to find many budget to luxury villas in the Algarve is so make sure you check them out before making your booking.


Once a fishermen’s village and now a sophisticated town, the up-market Cascais is a true jewel right in the tip of Western Portugal, located only 30km away from Lisbon.

If you are touring around the area, take at least half a day to visit this city as it is definitely worth it. Right in front of the Ocean, the town boasts an impressive architecture filled with palace-like properties, little cobbled streets and picturesque areas.